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The ties that bind – what it’s really like to work with family members

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We’ve all watched Succession and the fictional fall outs of the Roy family. But what is it really like to work with family members in a highly pressurised environment?

Goldie Chadowitz, daughter of award-winning events planner and founder of the Taylor Lynn Corporation, Liz Taylor, recently joined the company to oversee the development of the London branch of the business. Here, Liz and Goldie reveal the truth behind working with family members and share their thoughts on how to make a success of working side by side as mother and daughter…

The Meetings Show’s hosted buyer reception to be first event aboard Oceandiva London
The Meetings Show’s 2023 Hosted Buyer Welcome Reception will be the first event held onboard Oceandiva London, the UK capital’s new sustainable events vessel. Attendees will be welcomed on board the £25m floating venue operated by Smart Group for an exclusive evening of entertainment and refreshments on Tuesday 27 June, before The Meetings Show kicks off at ExCeL London on 28 June. They will be the first #eventprofs to experience an event onboard Oceandiva London, which is the first carbon-neutral powered vessel on the Thames. It is also the world’s first to achieve the Platinum Label – the highest level of recognition awarded by Green Award for shipping companies committed to environmental protection, safety, and quality.
Are we seeing the return of the roadshow?
Roadshows were a big hit up until 2019, then we had a two-year, Covid-enforced hiatus, but now they seem to be back, bigger than ever, explains Simona Negretto, national conference and event manager, Vue Conferences & Events… With the demand of face-to-face events still being at an all-time high, it seems that businesses are realising the roadshow is a great way to embrace everyone in the business and deliver the latest news and strategy forecasts in a very concise fashion. Roadshows can take a couple of formats, from moving the same event to a different location, giving each locality a relevant focus or having the same event at different locations at the same time, even linking them together with hybrid capability.
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