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The First UK Electronic Music Industry Report


This report was commissioned by the NTIA to fully understand, for the first time, the economic contribution and the cultural significance of the electronic music industry to the UK economy. It was written by David Boyle of Audience Strategies, an agency that uses data to help artists and brands to understand their audiences and trends. Electronic music has become one of the most popular genres in the UK, with a significant impact on the music industry, the economy and the UK’s reputation worldwide. From recorded music and publishing to live concerts, events, and festivals, electronic music has taken the UK by storm.This report explores the economic impact of electronic music in the UK, including nightclubs, concerts, and festivals, as well as the benefits to communities and culture.The report then explores the impact of electronic music on strengthening communities and inspiring culture more broadly.Additionally, the report identifies the challenges faced by the electronic music scene, including licensing, zoning, and gentrification, and suggests potential solutions for supporting electronic music in the UK. We measured everything we could and came up with a total for the electronic music industry’s measurable impact. But there is so much more that we can’t measure now. SO MUCH MORE.We describe this and bring it to life with academic studies and a wealth of personal experiences from industry professionals and artists.


Goals for this Report

As the beat of electronic music continues to ripple through the UK, it’s time to take a closer look at the impact this genre and its industry have on our economy and culture. Our goal with this report is to shed light on the value of the electronic music industry, demonstrate its significance, and highlight the challenges and opportunities it presents. Our main objective is to work towards building funding mechanisms for artists and DJs, as well as supporting grassroots electronic music venues and promoters. But more importantly, we aim to look towards building a stronger platform for education to secure the industry in the future, given the talent pipeline gaps. We aim to paint a picture of the electronic music industry, from the dancefloor to the recording studio, and to showcase the diverse and dynamic talent that drives it forward.We will explore the economic impact of electronic music, from recorded music and music publishing to live concerts, events, and festivals, and the role electronic music nightclubs play in bringing people together and fostering inclusivity and tolerance. This report will also examine the importance of education in securing the future of the electronic music industry, and the impact of gentrification, licensing, and zoning regulations on the industry.We want to inspire the government and industry stakeholders to support the continued growth and success of electronic music and to help build a stronger platform for education, innovation, and community engagement. Our goal is to bring electronic music out of the shadows and into the spotlight, to showcase its impact on the UK economy and culture, and to inspire action to support its continued growth and success.

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